Golden Mistress - An Action Adventure Voodoo Thriller


Date Added: 25th August 2021


A girl brings a golden idol that her father stole at a voodoo ceremony to Bill Buchanan, (John Agar) who is known along the waterfront as a man eternally on a treasure hunt. He and the girl go in search of a treasure after a native gives him directions and certain voodoo secret charms. They follow an underwater passage to an island where they find a Pagan tribe & action galore!


Certificate: PG

Year: 1954

Duration: 1 h 21 min

Episode Length: 1 h 21 min


Director: Abner Biberman

Cast: John Agar, Rosemarie Stack, Abner Biberman, Andrê Narcisse, Jacques Molant

Studio: R. K. Productions


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