Evil On Queen Street: Bloodlust


Date Added: 11th July 2021


In this explosive sequel to Evil on Queen Street & Mark of Death, the vampire Vlad arrives in town and immediately causes carnage. Damien Cruz and his partner Freeman investigates the murders/disappearances, which at first Cruz believes Nicole Francis Wilson or a mysterious priest Father Nero could be responsible for. But what will happen when Vlad realizes Cruz & Freeman are onto his evil deeds!


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2019

Duration: 2 h 10 min

Episode Length: 2 h 10 min


Director: Matt Spease

Cast: Kevin T. Oliver, Ryan Heumier, Hanleigh Baker, Buddy Campbell, Caitlyn Bailey, Cj Bernard, Miracle Davis, Kyndall Hamilton, Brittany Sparkles, Amielynn Woodall, Ashley Brewer, Taylor Bell, Temre Morgan, Holly Petty, Amie Bishop, Jade Michael LaFont, Phil Giourousis, John Vasiliou, Graham Vowell, Kristina Castle, Jerryl Davis, Louie 'Dragonfly' Cruz, Bailey Freeman, Emmi Mullen, Joshua Probus, Elijah Lee Seymour, Jonathan Nahlen, Brandon Jay, Cindy Riley-Parker, Leslie Huntsman, Dylan 'Ace' Caples, Bailee Wyatt, Kendra King, Elizabeth Jay, Courtney Akins

Studio: Dark Night Films


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