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Everyone gets ready to participate in Brochero s beatification . Santiago is a 55 year old independent producer who is about to make a film about Brochero s life. Luciano is a 40 year old actor who leads a miserable life. Luciano accepts a proposal to take part in this movie. The life and personal examples of Brochero, will constantly exhort Luciano s current lifestyle all aspects of his life


Certificate: 7+

Year: 2016

Duration: 1 h 29 min

Episode Length: 1 h 29 min


Director: Lorena Chuscoff

Cast: Gustavo Caballero, María Jimena Espeche, Gustavo Manca, Valentino Emanuel Leotta, Eduardo Ferreyra, Pilar Otero, Alejandro Ludicello, Claudio Arrascaeta, Eric Esquef, Alejandro Tonon, Manir Hipólito Zazu, Juan Carlos Boiero, Juan Isidro Olivera, Juan Gecchelin, Alejandro Ramos, Marcos Polzoni, Thelma Demarchi, Pamela Molina, Sergio Gabriel Salicas, Carlos Chávez, Ana Carolina Aguerrido, Azucena Carmona, Héctor Pedro Alem, Diego Fernando Galera, Dante Omar Liay, Marcelo Francia, Natalia Gorini Soler

Studio: Maranatha Asociación Civil


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