SQUISH - Season 1

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 30th April 2021

Date Removed: 13th May 2022

Available for: 13 months



SQUISH is a story of three friends, like any other, except in this... they are AMEBAS! Squish is unstoppable, optimistic, so sure of himself that he becomes comical, thinks he's cooler than he really is. Peggy is super charming and super clueless. Pod is an obsessive-compulsive genius crazy about scientific data. As all the characters in the series are amoebas, anything can happen.


Certificate: U

Year: 2018

Duration: 13 Episodes


Director: sJack Antoine Charlot

Cast: Rob Tinkler, Jonh Stocker, Diane Salema, Bailey Stocker

Studio: Zoe Z. Carrera Allaix, C├ęcile Lauritano, David Michel, Jonh Derevlany


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