Jamesy Boy


Date Added: 29th November 2021


   16/04/2021: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   01/07/2021: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   29/11/2023: Streaming Again



Rage-filled teenager James is never one to back down from a fight. He jumps at the chance to run drugs and guns for a gang and quickly ends up behind bars. He turns his life around in prison thanks to the unexpected friendship he forms with a convicted murderer.


Certificate: 16+

Year: 2014

Duration: 1 h 49 min

Episode Length: 1 h 49 min


Director: Trevor White

Cast: Mary-Louise Parker, Ving Rhames, James Woods, Taissa Farmiga, Spencer Lofranco

Studio: Samuel Goldwyn Films


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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