Labyrinthus (The way of not being)


Date Added: 2nd March 2021


There are living people who can communicate directly with the dead by interacting with them. Reversal into its opposite and vice versa without solution of continuity. Memory and reversal are the keys to reading the film. A labyrinth that places an enigma at its center. enigma is revealed as the ball of memory unravels.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2021

Duration: 1 h 44 min

Episode Length: 1 h 44 min


Cast: Elisabetta Zanni, Diego Polimeno, Marco Carrara, Roby Facchinetti, Francesca Gritti, Consuelo Locati, Giuseppe Berlendis, Elena D'amici, Nicole Villa, Chiara Gasparini, Nicole Locatelli, Joseph Brittanni, Simone Tacconi

Studio: Unistory Movie Entertainment


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