Fake Phoenixes, Male Princess and Female Prince - Season 2

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 19th January 2021

Date Removed: 17th July 2021

Available for: 6 months



When Su Yu and Ye Qingge were forced to separate, Su Yu plays dead and comes back and meet Qingge again. Then Xie Qingyun withdraws from the triangle relationship. When Ye Qingge and Su Yu fall in love, Yang Gongshu, the Empress Dowager of Bei Chu, comes to Da Xuan as an ambassador. She reveals the truth identity of Su Yu in the palace. Ye Qingge encounters an unprecedented great crisis...


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 12 Episodes


Director: He Jianan

Cast: Zhao Yuxi, Liu Jikai, Dong Ziming

Studio: Cloud Media


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