Mio on the Shore (English Subtitled)


Date Added: 8th January 2022


   17/12/2020: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   13/12/2021: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   08/01/2022: Streaming Again



20-year-old Mio has lost her parents early and runs a Japanese inn with her grandmother. As her grandmother gets hospitalized, Mio reluctantly comes to Tokyo to live with her father’s old friend Kyosuke. Helping him at the bathhouse he runs, she begins to find her way in everyday life. However, she learns the bathhouse is on the verge of demolition for the redevelopment in the district.


Certificate: 15

Year: 2019

Duration: 1 h 36 min

Episode Length: 1 h 36 min


Director: Ryutaro Nakagawa

Cast: Ken Mitsuishi

Studio: Tokyo New Cinema


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