Silicon Valley: Part Four, Renaissance Parallels

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Date Added: 1st September 2020

Date Removed: 29th November 2020

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Similarities between Silicon Valley and the Italian Renaissance are explored in this film with commentary and analysis from Steve Jobs (founder, Apple), Vinod Khosla (founder, Sun Microsystems), Federico Faggin (Inventor, microprocessor & silicon gate), Scott Cook (founder, Intuit), Lisa Jardine (Renaissance Historian), Charles Geschke & John Warnock (founders, Adobe), and many others.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2012

Duration: 23min

Episode Length: 23min


Cast: Leonard Nimoy, Steve Jobs, Federico Faggin, Scott Cook, Lisa Jardine, Dr. Eva Hannebutt-Benz, Vinod Khosla, James Hobart, T.J. Rodgers, Fred Hoar, Meg Whitman, William Perry, Jim Clark, Charles Geschke, Isaac Chuang, Ken Oshman, John Warnock, Mike Hackworth, Mike Malone, John McLaughlin

Studio: Silicon Valley Historical Association


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