Fairytale: A True Story

Unfortunately "Fairytale: A True Story" is no longer available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. It may return in the future but we don't know when... Sorry!

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Date Added: 15th August 2020

Date Removed: 10th March 2024

Available for: 43 months



In 1917, Frances Griffiths arrives in Yorkshire to stay with her uncle and cousin, Elsie. Elsie and Frances believe that they have seen fairies while playing in the garden, and produce photographs of them. The pictures attract the attention of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, escapologist Harry Houdini, and conniving journalist John Ferret - who is determined to prove that they are fakes.


Certificate: PG

Year: 1998

Duration: 1h 37min

Episode Length: 1h 37min


Director: Charles Sturridge

Cast: Bill Nighy, Peter O'Toole, Harvey Keitel, Paul McGann, Tim McInnerny

Studio: Icon Film Distribution


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