Highlander The Animated Series - Season 1


Date Added: 25th July 2020


There can be only One! But now there has risen a new champion, a young Immortal who will fulfill the ancient prophecy and bring peace to Earth: His name is Quentin Macleod and he is the Highlander. Join the Highlander in his quest for peace in this complete animated series from Invincible Entertainment Partners!


Certificate: 12

Year: 1995

Duration: 13 Episodes


Director: sFrederic Dybowski

Cast: Don Dickinson, Lawrence Bayne, Lorne Kennedy, Wayne Robson, Graham Haley, Michel de Warzee, Daniel Dury, Robert Guilmar, Noémie Orphelin, Julien Roy, François Vincentelli, Alexandre von Sivers, Tracey Moore, Hrant Alianak, James Rankin, Stuart Stone

Studio: Invincible Entertainment Partners


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