Valhalla: Legend of Thor


Date Added: 24th October 2022


   27/11/2020: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   28/09/2022: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   24/10/2022: Streaming Again



No man, woman or child may defy the gods. When Thor and Loki seek refuge in the home of mortals, the youngest son fails to heed a warning from the gods. As atonement for the family's sins, the gods take the two youngest children under their wing and embark on an epic adventure from Midgard to Valhalla that will see them stare down ruthless giants, barbaric gods and the dreaded wolf Fenrir.


Certificate: 12

Year: 2019

Duration: 1 h 45 min

Episode Length: 1 h 45 min


Director: Fenar Ahmad

Cast: Roland Møller, Salóme Gunnarsdóttir, Patricia Schumann

Studio: Signature Entertainment


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