The Rooftop Christmas Tree


Date Added: 17th November 2023


   04/03/2020: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   15/07/2021: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   17/11/2023: Streaming Again



Defense attorney Sarah Wright doesn't know why her reclusive neighbor, Mr. Landis, places a lit Christmas tree on the roof every year, but he has hauled it up there for as long as anyone can remember and this violation of the town's penal code puts him at risk for jail time. With only a few days until Christmas, Sarah agrees to represent Mr. Landis to settle the matter once and for all.


Certificate: ALL

Year: 2016

Duration: 1 h 28 min

Episode Length: 1 h 28 min


Director: David Winning

Cast: Michelle Morgan, Tim Reid, Stephen Huszar

Studio: Johnson Production Group


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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