Ishqaway - Season 1


Date Added: 12th February 2020


When Haim and Amal are pressured into marrying each other, Haim unexpectedly develops feelings for Amal's best friend Safina. Will Haim pursue his feelings or will he respect his family's wishes and stay true to Amal. Written by Maira Sajid & directed by Ali Faizan, 'Ishqaway' is a tense romantic Urdu drama about a complicated love triangle starring Sami Khan, Sonia Mishal & Rabab Hashim.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 2015

Duration: 33 Episodes


Cast: Sami Khan, Rabab Hashim, Sonia Mishal, Qavi Khan, Ghana Ali, Hammad Farooqui, Zainab Ahmed

Studio: Geo Entertainment


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