My Name Is Sam


Date Added: 25th June 2020


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Sam and his siblings are raised by a mother who, despite her maternal instincts, cannot embrace or praise them, and cannot ever even say the words, "I love you." Praying for God's healing was their only allowable form of connection. Little was known about autism in the 1970s and, in an Amish community, unusual behavior was considered a punishment from God.


Certificate: 15

Year: 2020

Duration: 1h 25min

Episode Length: 1h 25min


Director: Samuel Wickey

Cast: Wesley Juels, Connor Falk, Parker Juels, Brooke Bowman, McAlyn Forbes, Bella Motter, Allie Taylor, Mireya Zellner, Madison Schweitz, Jasmine Fauscett, Catherine Bowman, Emily Seracuse, Erica Young, Kody Huisken, Edward Donnelly, Kristin Keating, Andy Hankins, Jaime Ciarla, Chris Green, Michael Cirrone, Megan Richie, Havilah Davis, Carmine DePaulo, Doug Gallob, Kevin Sean Ryan, Haidyn Harvey, Marissa Herndon, Tyler Herndon, Ashlynn Hideman, Andrew W. Hunter, Sage Porter, Taylor Poyfair

Studio: Peace World Productions, LLC


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