Marlo Lasker


Date Added: 15th February 2020


Marlo Lasker, a lovable nerd, goes on a series of adventures to defeat Caleb, the school jock, and win the heart of Susie, the girl of his dreams.


Certificate: 15

Year: 2020

Duration: 1h 5min

Episode Length: 1h 5min


Director: Rich Rotella

Cast: Alexis Brandt, Jason Caceres, Veronica A. Brown, Carrie Gibson, Kyle Hendershot, Sachiko Ishida, Jeff Jeffers, Colby Clayton Lemaster, Hitoshi Masaki, Mike Muratore, Clayton Nemrow, Shane Palmer, Franchie San Pedro, Chad Squires

Studio: Indie Rights


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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