Dr. Benderfax


Date Added: 12th January 2020


Dr. Benderfax is on the verge of a mad scientist's career high: the discovery of a mysterious psychic phenomenon that will endow him with boundless fantastic powers. Unfortunately, his enigmatic research often proves fatal to his unwitting human test subjects, and when a young do-good doctor stumbles upon Benderfax's secret experiments, it threatens to spoil everything!


Certificate: 16+

Year: 1997

Duration: 1h 22min

Episode Length: 1h 22min


Director: Tom Hosler

Cast: Merodie Patterson, Nicholas Berry, Jeff Blumberg, Sylvia Novidor, Howard A. Howard, Joe Ivers, George A. Ryan, Diane M. Jaffari, Chuck Young, Robert T. Nanninga, Hans Jorgen Fjellestad

Studio: 6th Avenue Pictures


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