Crowbar: The Killings of Wendell Graves

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 20th December 2019

Date Removed: 4th March 2021

Available for: 15 months



In the small town of Coburg, a young boy named Wendell Graves witnesses the brutal murder of his parents in their own bedroom. He watches in horror as a masked man slays them with a crowbar. Wendell escapes with his life and spends the next 15 years silently locked up in his aunt's farmhouse. What no one realizes is how he plans to exact his revenge against the murderers.


Certificate: 18+

Year: 2010

Duration: 1h 44min

Episode Length: 1h 44min


Director: Scott M. Phillips

Cast: Kevin Phillips, Angela Mora

Studio: Alchemy Werks


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