Plan Z

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Date Added: 1st December 2019

Date Removed: 15th December 2019

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Political unrest. The Ebola virus has arrived in the West, hitting certain countries harder than others. There's a strong military and police presence. The signs are everywhere. Something worse is coming. Something no one expected. No one but Craig. Craig has a plan. Plan Z. One man has a plan for a zombie outbreak It will take all his will to stick to it and all his courage to change it.


Certificate: 18+

Year: 2016

Duration: 1h 27min

Episode Length: 1h 27min


Director: Stuart Brennan

Cast: Eugene Horan, Terry Deary, Brooke Burfitt, Isabella Caley, Natalia Celino, Rebecca-Clare Evans, Ion Ridge, Thomas Coombes, Samantha Hindman, David Izatt

Studio: Invincible Entertainment Partners


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