My Daughter's Dilemma


Date Added: 17th January 2020


The story of two young girls, Samantha and Paloma. They come from dysfunctional families and live secret lives; when there is a murder in the family, Samantha while seeking the truth discovers some dark secret about their own parents.


Certificate: 18+

Year: 2017

Duration: 1h 30min

Episode Length: 1h 30min


Director: Fernando Lugo, Arnon Louiv

Cast: OTmara Marrero, Maria Celine Suarez, Michael Jacques, Zachary C. Miller, Lauren Goodman, Metisha Schaefer, Tommy O'Brien, David J. Porras, Ray Guiu, Stephanie Montalvo, Noreen Maloney, J. David Rojas, Christina Rodriguez, Deninho Dennis Pinto, Taylor Ferraro, Anthony Grant, John Yoo, Gerardo Cardoso, Arnon Louiv, Fernando Lugo

Studio: Arnon R. Louiv, LOUIVFILM LLC


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