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Date Added: 7th April 2020

Date Removed: 2nd May 2021

Available for: 13 months



Didier fled his homeland (DR Congo) for a better future. He arrived in Europe through Libya after a failed attempt in Morocco. The Police tracked and chased him right after the Calais jungle burned down. Somehow he managed to escape and flee to Belgium where he submitted an asylum application. He moved to the forest later when they forced him to leave Belgium and met the love of his life there.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2019

Duration: 1h 17min

Episode Length: 1h 17min


Director: Eli Nzembi

Cast: Ali Kiala, Yara Bongers, Laurent Muzigwa, Sahiri Sorementa, Weston Dolet, Karin Breemhaar, Maurice Vermeersch, Joel Ndombe, Adrian Cojocaru, Saar De Groof, Cherelice Vrede

Studio: ThetaXi Films


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