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Date Added: 17th February 2020


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After losing his fiancé in a tragic accident, a grieving man feels his life has no purpose, but one day this all changes when he's visited by her ghost who pushes him to let go of the past rebuild his life.


Certificate: 15

Year: 2019

Duration: 1h 19min

Episode Length: 1h 19min


Director: Nelson Moses Lassiter

Cast: John Logan, Ahdream Smith, Gabby Navetta, Lori Barber, Jenell, Chang Liu, Hyunji Yang, Kelsey Maples, Jovan Brown, Billy Brannigan, Franchesca Davis, J. E Stainer, Theresa Tirone, Yvette Wyatt, Kelley Gates

Studio: Denouement Films


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IMDB Rating: Not yet rated

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