Bob Hope in "My Favorite Brunette"


Date Added: 20th September 2019


Ronnie Jackson (Bob Hope) is a baby photographer who fantasizes being a private eye. A baroness (Dorothy Lamour) actually mistakes him for one and asks for help locating her missing husband. This is followed by sinister doings in a gloomy mansion & sanatorium, with Peter Lorre & Lon Chaney Jr. Hope's character ends up framed for murder with every plot twist & parody of thriller cliches imaginable.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 1947

Duration: 1h 50min

Episode Length: 1h 27min


Director: Elliott Nugent

Cast: Lon Chaney Jr., Alan Ladd, Bing Crosby, John Hoyt, Charles Dingle, Reginald Denny

Studio: Paramount Pictures


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