The War of Loong (english subtitles) China

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Date Added: 1st September 2019

Date Removed: 15th September 2019

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In 1885, the French army attacked the Liangshan Mountains in Vietnam, stationed in the Qing army without retreating, the Qing government's dominance was threatened, Cixi convened the ministers to discuss who sent the commander, and finally opened the retired veteran Feng Zicai! He succeeded in ambushing the North African mercenaries in Longlin Town,smashing enemies and invigorating the military.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 2017

Duration: 51min

Episode Length: 1h 47min


Director: Gао Fеng

Cast: Liu Pеіqi, Cаo Yunjin, Luo Wеi, Zhang Jibo

Studio: Lі Wеі


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