Vaishnav Jan To Tene Re Kahiye


Date Added: 20th December 2019


   05/08/2019: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   16/09/2019: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   20/12/2019: Streaming Again



A beautiful Gujarati poem written by Narsinh Metha this bhajan attempts to describe all the qualities in a man of god or vaishnav Most striking is the chorus he who understands and feels another's suffering as his own and acts on this without any sense of ego. To such a man, helping others is not defined in his mind as social work


Certificate: 7+

Year: 2019

Duration: 11min

Episode Length: 11min


Cast: Kirtidan Gadhavi, Bihari Hemu Gadhavi, Nidhi Dholakia, Nitin Devka, Sohil Bloch

Studio: Sohil Bloch


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