First Nations Comedy Experience - Season 1


Date Added: 15th August 2019


The first ever Native American and World Indigenous stand-up comedy series. Each episode gives a voice to top Native Stand-Ups from across the country, up-and-coming Native Stand-Ups breaking new ground, and features some of the biggest names in stand-up comedy outside of the Native world; like Nikki Glaser, Craig Shoemaker, Chris Fairbanks, Jimmy Dore, and more.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 2018

Duration: 11min


Cast: Nikki Glaser, Pete Lee, Jimmy Dore, Craig Shoemaker, Laura House, Graham Elwood, Helen Hong, Adrianne Chalepah, Teresa Choyguha, Deanna M.A.D., Cat Alvarado, Fielding Edlow, Naz Janus, Chris Fairbanks, Kinner Shah, Stef Zamorano, Jackie Keliiaa, Larry Omaha, Sheila Chalakee, Miguel Fierro, Will Spottedbear, Laura Hayden, Matt Baca, Kevin Avery, Marc Yaffee, Cathy Ladman, James Mane Jr., Gilbert Brown, Gene Pompa, Jim Ruel, Drew Lacapa, Chizz Bah, Chad Tahchawwickah, Gigi Modrich, Tom Thakkar

Studio: Comedy Dynamics


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