The Man History Forgot, Ancient Greece's Unsung Hero - Season 1

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Date Added: 6th August 2019

Date Removed: 28th April 2021

Available for: 21 months



Host: Dr. Michael Scott (PBS, BBC, NOVA, Nat Geo, History Channel). The only Greek to fight for 40 years against the Persians at Marathon with Miltiades, at Thermopylae with Leonidas' 300 Spartans, at Salamis with Themistocles and at Plataea leading the battle finally driving Xerxes out of Greece. Had it not been for his heroism, Athens' Golden Age and Western Civilization might not have occurred.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 2019

Duration: 3 Episodes


Cast: Dr. Michael Scott, Patrick Frost

Studio: Worrigee Multimedia


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