13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13 - Season 2

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Date Added: 18th July 2019

Date Removed: 16th July 2021

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With the situation stabilised, mission control focus on getting the crew home but Carbon Dioxide levels inside the capsule soar. NASA is famously forced to devise a solution. Returning the crew through Earth's atmosphere requires a manual burn of the spacecraft's engine, and plummeting temperatures pose a serious threat. Lessons from earlier missions prove vital in bringing the 3 astronauts home.


Certificate: ALL

Year: 2015

Duration: 20min


Director: Elliot Weaver, Elliot Weaver

Cast: Dr David Baker, Dr Nigel Bannister, Prof. Mike Cruise, Anthony Errington, Keith Wright, Phil Hayward

Studio: FreeSpirit Film & TV


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