In the Soup


Date Added: 12th July 2019


Broke and desperate filmmaker Adolpho Rollo is in love with the mysterious woman next door, Angelica Peña. He puts out an ad offering to sell his movie script for $500, and gets a response from Joe, who gives him a thousand and says he'll raise the 250,000 to make the picture. The problem is, Joe is a semi-connected wiseguy with a hemophiliac brother and a habit of committing oddball crimes.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 1992

Duration: 18 Episodes

Episode Length: 1h 36min


Director: Alexandre Rockwell

Cast: Sam Rockwell, Carol Kane, Jim Jarmusch, Stanley Tucci, Will Patton, Elizabeth Bracco, Rockets Redglare, Debi Mazar, Pat Moya, Sully Boyar, Steven Randazzo, Francesco Messina, Ruth Maleczech, Michael J. Anderson, Jaime Sánchez

Studio: Factory 25


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