Bananas in Pyjamas Live Action - Season 1


Date Added: 28th July 2021


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Bananas in Pyjamas is about two giant, child-like bananas, B1 and B2. They are good friends and companions. Together they live on Cuddles Lane, with their friends, the Teddy Bears: Amy, Morgan, and Lulu, the Rat-in-a-Hat, and various other critters. The bananas are constantly teasing the Teddy Bears, but those silly bananas are always able to foil the Rat's sly tricks.


Certificate: U

Year: 1992

Duration: 26 Episodes


Director: Sophia Turkiewicz, Di Drew, Tony Tilse, Roger Bayley

Cast: Karina Kelly, Nicholas Opolski, Taylor Owyns, Jeremy Scrivener, Ken Radley, Mary-Ann Henshaw, Shane McNamara

Studio: Kids Like Us


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