Jaga Vegali Antyatra


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Jaga Vegali Antyatra comedy drama directed by Amol Lahande, starring Bhau Kadam in a prominent role. This film deals with a timely and serious subject of unemployment which has been disturbing today's youngsters. And, if this situation is faced by talented educated youngsters, how they face this situation is all that is presented through an inspiring story through this film in a humorous way.


Certificate: 12

Year: 2018

Duration: 1h 55min

Episode Length: 1h 55min


Director: sAmol Ashok Lahande

Cast: Rajan Bhise, Suhas Paranjape, Suprit Kadam, Omkar Purohit, Vinamra Bhabal, Dr. Vishal Gore

Studio: Ultimate Film Makers Pvt.Ltd


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