Sucker for Love


Date Added: 18th February 2020


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In the most trying times of her life, Tasha Knight (Julian Johnson) ends up assaulted and incarcerated all in the same day. Confused, hurt and lonely Tasha cries out to God for answers. Praying to keep her sanity yet, still walking in the flesh.


Certificate: 15

Year: 2014

Duration: 1h 34min

Episode Length: 1h 34min


Director: Tyree Lundy

Cast: Christopher Miles, Tiara DeBeary, Khalil Casey, Delmarius Blakk Stith, Audriana Grant, Jahanna Johnson, Gemill Grizzy Graham, Melissa Johnson, Alejandro Ayala, Dylicia Wright, David Wynn, Sade Raines, Trey Hines, Steven James, Dionne George, Doreen Lundy, Chica Casey, Susan Temple, Rona Hyman, Edward Bulan, Maurice Howard, Anita L. Burnett, Kelli Parker, Amiyah Temple, Oscar Logan, Algin Strickland, John Howell, Quaadir Duck-Cez Weaver, Kenea Thomas, Fizaca (Mark), Tracy DeBeary, Sylvia Logan, Douglyne Wallace, Alyssa Cuebas, Shania Thomas, Kaaliyah MooMoo Weaver, Germayle Campbell, LaKeishia Campbell, Queen Crewes, Mary Jackson, Charles Porter, Ruth Johnson, David Iney, Gregory Holloway, Shondell Hubbard, Ruth Epps, Laura Waldrop, Marcus Murphy

Studio: Filmhub


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