Paarthaal Pasi Theerum


Date Added: 15th December 2019


   27/03/2019: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   11/05/2019: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

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Sivaji Ganesan and Gemini Ganesan are soldiers in the British Indian army in the pre-independence period and are close friends. During an attack by the enemy they get asylum in Savithri's house! Gemini and Savithri fall in love, get married and beget a son. Fate intervenes and they get separated. The rest of the story tells us what twists come across and how things become amicable.


Certificate: ALL

Year: 1962

Duration: 2h 46min

Episode Length: 2h 46min


Director: A. Bhimsingh

Cast: Saroja Devi, Sowcar Janaki, Kamal Haasan

Studio: AP International


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