Dharma Devathai


Date Added: 21st March 2019


Dharma Devathai is Action oriented Tamil Movie. Vijayakanth is brother of Sarath Babu and works in a school. Sarath Babu is the Union Leader for factory and often fights with Jai Ganesh for employee's benefits. Jai Ganesh kills Sarath Babu. After his brother's death how Vijayakanth along with Radhika (Sarath Babu's wife) takes revenge against Jai Ganesh is the rest of the narration.



Year: 1986

Duration: 137 min


Director: S. P. Muthuraman

Cast: Vijayakanth, Raadhika, Pallavi, Disco Shanti, Sarath Babu

Studio: AP International


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