Sivappu Malli

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Date Added: 30th July 2021

Date Removed: 15th September 2021

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Sivappu Malli is a Tamil Action Film. Vijayakanth and Chandrashekar are honest factory workers who lead the fight against the Factory owner for the labourer's rights. The clash between the two sections of society reaches a level where S.S. Chandran and gang plot to eliminate Vijayakanth and Chandasekhar. They manage to do away with Chandrashekar; however Vijayakanth is too smart for them.


Certificate: PG

Year: 1981

Duration: 2 h 6 min

Episode Length: 2 h 6 min


Director: Rama Narayanan

Cast: Vijayakanth, Chandrashekar, Shanthi Krishna, S.S. Chandran

Studio: AP International


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