Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge - Season 1

Unfortunately "Couch To Confident 14 Day Yoga Challenge" is no longer available to stream on Amazon Prime Video in the UK. It may return in the future but we don't know when... Sorry!

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Date Added: 28th February 2019

Date Removed: 16th July 2021

Available for: 29 months



A lot of people are looking to feel more confident in their yoga practice, whether it's finding more stability or flexibility. So as you go through this series you'll find in each video an increase in the challenge difficulty and a common issue that can be addressed, and as you progress you'll feel noticeably stronger, more flexible, you'll have more mobility and you might even lose some weight.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2018

Duration: 14 Episodes


Cast: Julia Marie

Studio: Psychetruth Target Public Media LLC


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