Zombie, Kansas - Death in the heartland.


Date Added: 12th February 2019


Two mutilated, one missing. Death is stalking the sleepy Kansas countryside. Hurry now. Sun's setting. Lock your doors and listen to the distant echoes of someone - something - approaching in the growing darkness. Is Adelaide O'Hara - a beautiful, solitary woman with a dark past - the monster's next victim? Who's hunting who is the question everyone should be asking... but no one is.



Year: 2018

Duration: 44 min


Director: Gary Piland

Cast: Alexandra Goodpasture Reilly, David Crawford, Shawn Nyberg, Dusty Nichols, Sheri Rippel, Bruce Smith, Ashley Young, Laura Mzichteno, Kelly Rippel, Larissa Goodwin, Abigail Musick, Wendy Long, Lauren Smith

Studio: Roaring Rat Films


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