The Ashes of CHIKARA


Date Added: 7th February 2019


When a clandestine corporation puts a beloved wrestling company out of business, it's time for the most hated man in the locker room to bring them back from destruction.


Certificate: 16+

Year: 2014

Duration: 76 min


Director: Ian Vaflor

Cast: Green Ant, Fire Ant, Archibd Peck, Hallowicked, Dasher Hatfield, Mike Quackenbush, Derek Sabato, Dieter VonSteigerwalt, The Former Worker Ant, Michell Fesh, Chuck Taylor, Tim Donst, Kid Cyclone, Create-A-Wrestler, Equinox, Private Eye, Jr., R.D. Evans, Eddie Kingston, Blind Rage, Dan Yost, UltraMantis Black, Billy Kumohara, Amasis

Studio: CHIKARA Pro


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