Beavers: Patagonia invaders


Date Added: 7th February 2019


The island of Tierra del Fuego has been overrun by invaders: Canadian beavers. In one of the most foolish attempts to change an environment for human advantage, the species was introduced in 1946 to create a fur industry. From an original twenty settlers, the population is now over 150,000. Posing a severe threat to local wildlife, there is great debate over how this problem should be remedied.



Year: 2017

Duration: 86 min


Director: Pablo Chehebar, Nicolas Iacouzzi

Cast: Christopher Anderson, Claudio Bertonatti, Jose Cabello, Carlos Ferrer, Carlos Garritz, Pablo Kunzle, Marta Lizarralde, Fernanda Menvielle

Studio: Metiche Films


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