Mone Pore Aajo Shei Din


Date Added: 17th February 2020


   26/01/2019: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   08/02/2020: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   17/02/2020: Streaming Again



Rahul Runs A Production House Which Producing A Reality Show. He Is Suffering From A Terminal Disease Which He Doesn'T Informs anyone. One Day Rahul Comes Across Sunaina a blind girl And Offers A Chance To Perform In His Show. Eventually, They Fall In Love Though She Is Unaware Of His Illness. She Loses The Contest As Her Competitor 'Buys 'The Judges. She Goes Back To Her Hometown.


Certificate: ALL

Year: 2011

Duration: 2h 12min

Episode Length: 2h 12min


Director: Ajoy Singh, Sudipta Ghatak

Cast: Joy Kumar Mukherjee, Sayantika Banerjee, Biswajit Chakraborty, Mousumi Saha, Bhola Tamang

Studio: Angel Digital


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