Super Kudumbam


Date Added: 8th January 2019


Prabhu and Vivek are friends and bank employees. Prabhu and Prathyusha is in love with each other. Vivek loves Parimala, a strict Major's daughter. In order to please him, Vivek asks Prabhu and Roja to act as married couple. A child is also brought in. Then starts the cat and mouse game in which Prabhu, Roja and Prathyusha get deeply caught. Rest of the movie revolves around this confusion.



Year: 2001

Duration: 140 min


Director: Kalaimani

Cast: Prabhu Ganesan, Roja, Prathyusha, Vivek, Vinu Chakravarthy, Alex, Parimala

Studio: AP International


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