Eighty-one Forms of the Natural Taijiquan(Partical Combat)-The First Part

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Date Added: 14th January 2019

Date Removed: 12th September 2020

Available for: 20 months



There are Eighty-one Forms in the Natural Taijiquan,including three chapters of Internal Energy,Practical Combat,and Health Care.Nine forms in one section,there are nine sections,total eighty-on forms,It practice the heart,spirit,mind and energy,from the upper to the below,the inner to the outer,It is art,an ecercise art of relaxation and flexibility in the ex changing of Yin and Yang.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2019

Duration: 45 min


Director: Li Yan

Cast: Zhu Datong

Studio: ICNTV Netword


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