Another Girl

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 29th December 2018

Date Removed: 31st July 2020

Available for: 19 months



Sam's ex-lovers aren't so "ex" to him. In fact, they always seem to re-appear at the worst possible moment, sabotaging his hopes of finding new love. Can Sam banish them from his life before they ruin his chances with the newfound girl of his dreams?


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2017

Duration: 22 min


Director: Austin Kase

Cast: Aaron Profumo, Hannah Chase, Samantha Strelitz, Nelly Savinon, Angelica Winkler, Isra El-Salihie, Marlene Ginander, Mallory Rhodes, Danielle Vettraino, Will Pinke, Michael Stevens, Arturo Alanis, John Michael Rivera, Mark Zangrilli, Laurence Whitener, Dadi Denis, Yanna Buttons, Anabelle Dezil, Francesca Dininno, Nili Kepets, Roshel Levy, Cameron Lorenzo, Corey-Prince-Josiah, Kyleigh Williams, Daria Keitt, Gal Levy, Erica Maloy, Wendy Mercedes

Studio: Austin Kase


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