Alibaba And Forty Thieves


Date Added: 4th January 2019


Alibaba And Forty Thieves Is A Super Hit Bollywood Hindi Movie, Directed By Homi Wadia, Starring Mahipal, Shakila, S. N. Tripathi And Helen. Marjina Wants To Avenge Her Fathers Death At The Hands Of Sardar And His 40 Men. Alibaba Is Thrown Out Of His House By His Brother Qasim's Shrewd Wife. Alibaba Stumbles Upon Sardar's Hidden Loot.



Year: 1954

Duration: 145 min


Director: Homi Wadia

Cast: Mahipal, Shakila, Helen, B. M. Vyas, S. N. Tripathi, Sharda, Maruti Rao, Lalita Kumari, Shalini, Sardar Mansoor, Rajkumar, Jullian

Studio: Ultra Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.


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