American Force 5: Mission Dynamo


Date Added: 1st February 2023


   18/12/2018: Added to Amazon Prime UK

   09/01/2020: Removed from Amazon Prime UK

   01/02/2023: Streaming Again



The Vietnam war and terrorists led by Torosky battle it out with South Vietnamese forces assisted by the American Army. For squad leader Merlin and PFC Bill, the war has become so meaningless that they don't care anymore. Seeing their friends die, they decide to desert and soon discover that there is no sanctuary in the jungle. It's only a matter of time before Torosky catches up with them.


Certificate: 18

Year: 1989

Duration: 1 h 24 min

Episode Length: 1 h 24 min


Director: Charles Lee

Cast: Jonathan James, Gregory Rivers

Studio: Wu Tang Collection


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