WTF: World Thumbwrestling Federation


Date Added: 22nd February 2021


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A Documentary crew follows Thumbwrestling's biggest event in what might be it's final year. 5 years after the villainous Mr. Venom defeated Papa Brussel by thumb submission, it is now Papa Brussel's sons who must fight through the ranks of some of the best thumb wrestlers in the world for their chance at dethroning the champ, revitalizing the sport, and restoring the Brussel legacy.


Certificate: 12

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 h 29 min

Episode Length: 1 h 29 min


Director: sEnrico Natale

Cast: Keith Habersberger, Nathan Caywood, Rob Colletti, Jared Winkler, Bert Belasco, Enrico Natale, Jeff Blum, Mike Anaya, Clare Niederpruem, John Hennigan, Malcolm Danare, Maclain Nelson, Pamela Horton, Anna Sophia Berglund, Austin Rising, Amy Vorpahl, Tara Price, Kenny Leu, Malorie Mackey, Daniel Luján, Nick Cardiff, Guy Griffithe, Kaley McCormack, Zack Matzganis, Sascha Saballett, Burton Ritchie, Damian C. King, Brian Wohl, Cher Moore, Jason Carpenter, Gregory Lee Kenyon, Kash Hovey

Studio: MORE Productions


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