Chikara - Season 12


Date Added: 5th December 2018


The heroes of Chikara return for Season 12. If wrestling is storytelling...if wrestling is characters...if wrestling is a passion that inspires and informs a new kind of artform...then you already know what CHIKARA is.


Certificate: 13+

Year: 2013

Duration: 9 Episodes


Director: Mike Spillane

Cast: Marty Jannetty, Mike Quackenbush, The Young Bucks, Matthew Massie, Nicholas Massie, Dasher Hatfield, Gangrel, Alex Castle, Amasis, Archibald Peck, Arctic Rescue Ant, Arik Cannon, assailANT, Blaster McMassive, Blind Rage, Brett Gakiya, Chiva Kid, Chuck Taylor, CJ Esparza, Da Soul Touchaz, Darin Corbin, 3.0, Delirious, deviANT, Eddie Graves, El Hijo del Ice Cream, Fire Ant, Flex Rumblecrunch, Frightmare, Soldier Ant, Green Ant

Studio: CHIKARA Pro


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