Latin Lover - Possessed Love

No longer available to stream


Date Added: 1st December 2018

Date Removed: 11th February 2019

Available for: 2 months



The Latin Lover Has Nightmares as he tries to stop a serial killer. Arturo is secret in love with his best friend Maria who just see him as a good friend. Arturo wants to invite her to the prom dance. But this same Friday the school cancel the prom because of a mysterious murder of one of the school teacher. Arturo and Maria Elena will start a investigation into the murders.



Year: 2014

Duration: 1h 34min


Director: Gonzalo Badilla, Sebastián Badilla

Cast: Sebastián Badilla, Kel Calderón, Trinidad de la Noi, Stephanie Méndez, Fernando Larraín, Claudia Celedón, Diana Bolocco, Cristián Sánchez, Felipe Viel, Dayana Amigo, Nicolás Luisetti, Javiera Acevedo, Luis Alarcón, Nicolás Massú, Katty Kowaleczko, Vanessa Miller, Lala Castro, Mauricio Correa, Milton Millas

Studio: Leomark Studios


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