Galaxy Lords


Date Added: 14th January 2019


It is the year 4,924,537,733AD... Adorastius has escaped his icy incarceration and threatens the universe with the most fantastical power imaginable. The kingdom cries out in peril, and Galactic Commander Helios must forge a crew to defend the cosmos. From the tranquil glades of Kelvador to the perilous crags of Grindlebar, the fate of all existence rests upon the shoulders of the Galaxy Lords!



Year: 2018

Duration: 96 min


Director: Von Bilka

Cast: Dan Underhill, Zachary Hart Baker, Von Bilka, Jon Raila, Jim Povolo, Dave Petersen Jr, Steven Cergizan, Clifford Evans, Harriet Mishoulam, Eric Penrod Jones, April Roses, TJ Harris, Andrew Shantz, David Cergizan, Allan Bilka, Quentin Evans, Dan Gasik, Beth Jarchow, Marissa Lenti, Garrett Schultz, Stephanie Sier, Hannah Sanders, Mel Gorsha, Tim Simmons

Studio: Champions of the Cosmos


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