Ghost in the Curved Mirror - Season 1


Date Added: 17th November 2018


Madame Shestakova's reason for calling detectives to her old estate is unusual and frightening. Strange events have led her to believe that her house is haunted. The detectives do not believe in ghosts, so they try to explain these events through logic and deduction. However, a series of murders nearby cannot be a coincidence and must be connected to the secrets in Madame Shestakova's house.


Certificate: Not Rated

Year: 2015

Duration: 4 Episodes


Director: Vyacheslav Lavrov

Cast: Aleksey Sekirin, Sergey Koleshnya, Ludmila Gavrilova, Angela Koshevaya, Nina Shatskaya, Gleb Podgorodinskiy, Nina Loshchinina, Svetlana Malyukova, Denis Starkov, Victoria Gerasimova, Denis Bobyshev, Andrey Arzyaev, Natalia Vintilova

Studio: Janson Media


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